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solo production    

Sidney Polak

title: Cyfrowy Styl Życia(Digital Lifestyle)
released: 27 March, 2009

It is already five years since my debut CD was released. The time has so quickly passed. It is not going to be an easy task to release the second record if the first one has obtained such favourable reception. I must admit that the choice of my further artistic career did not prove easy. However, it is not only the artistic aspects that made me take such a long break from recording activity.
In the meantime, I played with my band loads of concerts, the work of my mother group T.Love was on in full swing, I had a skiing accident plus a few life experiences . As a matter of fact, most of the songs were ready about two years ago but I still kept waiting for the best lyrics . I felt as though I hadn't said everything yet. Now, while listening to this record I think it sounds logically integral. Cyfrowy Styl Życia ( Digital Lifestyle) is a very personal album or even an egocentric one. I was so self-centred because I could hardly find any other themes . My songs depict my life with all its details and they express my thoughts ; not only those associated with new technology or the Internet, but mostly those that were inspired by my life experiences. I have treated the title far more broadly than one could have expected. The album does not lack optimism, but compared with the previous one, it is not that amusing and entertaining. I have an impression that it could best appeal to the person who is a bit like me; a man in his thirties living in a hectic city. He lives in various dimensions; somewhere between the worldly matters and his desire to look at life ''more broadly'', between his hedonism and search for a deeper meaning of life, his sense of happiness and his daily portion of misfortunes .This is, more or less, how I imagine someone that my songs could appeal to. I hope that a mixture of genres, included in the album, is not a problem. The association of different sounds from various areas of music has always fascinated me .
I am really glad that Kasia Nosowska agreed to sing a country song with me, EastWestRockers added some colour to the song entitled Blask(''Blaze''), and Iza, our keyboardist's Swiss friend, accompanied by Pezet, gave a brilliant performance at the end of the album. I made most of the music in association with Michał Marecki, a keyboardist, and I asked Marcin Majerczyk, one of the best acoustic guitarists who works in association with Maryla Rodowicz , to record the acoustic guitars . The boys from T.Love recorded a few electric guitars, Siwy was in charge of guitar hacks, some drum beats were made by myself while others were recorded by Piotr Pniak. I must apologize to my wife for having to spend four days of our one-week holidays with Cuban trumpeters in the studio (which wasn't planned as usual:). And there is one new element - the harmonica which is mostly played by indestructible Tomek Bielecki. Adaś Toczko helped me record the most difficult tracks in his own studio and Leszek Kamiński worked on music mixes in S-4.
I am grateful to Krutsch, the German producer working in Culcha Candela's team, for making beat and mix to the song Blask (Blaze), as well as making a mix for the song Skuter (Scooter).
I deeply hope that people who have sent me mails asking for the second album are no longer resentful at being made to wait so long . Now I am putting the album at their disposal. As a matter of fact, I am not in a position to change, improve or correct anything else:).

Miłosć w formacie JPG
Zwolnij dziś
To był dzień w Warszawie
Wyspa man
Ostatni dźwięk

Sidney Polak

title: Sidney Polak
released: 22 May,2004

The first Sidney's solo album consisting of twelve songs and three skits. A combination of three music genres; hip-hop, reggae and folk. It is a concept album that humorously revolves around the reality affected by alcohol abuse and it is hip-hop that remains predominant on, at least, a few layers. First of all, it is the word that is constantly present. Generally, the compositions are just wound up rather than rhymed . The rhyme itself tends to be replaced with a melodious recitation. Secondly, it is the beats and unvarying repetitive undercurrents that affect its contents. Some compositions do not have refrains in terms of separate music units. The album was made in Tarchostudio under the supervision of Kajetan Aroń, followed by Adaś Toczko in the years 2002 and 2003. Szymon Siejko,Adaś' assistant, was also very helpful at some moments. It took so much time to make the album because the use of the studio was free of charge and Sidney went home whenever he wished. In the meantime, of course, he gave concerts with T.Love and he produced a concert album T.Live. Some very interesting session musicians; late Wojciech Seweryn, Janerka's guitarist, Janek Benedek, once the pillar of T.Love, Mikis Cupas, the guitarist of the band Wilki,Sidney's old friend and school mate, and the brass section including Korzeń, Struś, Rytka, Dominik Trębski and Marcin Ołówek.The special hip-hop-reggae guests including Pezet, Trzeci Wymiar and Pablopavo as well as the Reggaenerator from Zjednoczenie Sound System add some colour and variety. The album receives quite favourable reviews and what seems really surprising, is the fact that it attracts not only hip-hop and reggae lovers but also those who are not associated with any cults. We even received congratulations from Krzysztof Varga, a well-known writer:). The album also gained some popularity in Croatia where the song ''Croatian'' proved really surprising:). It is said to have quite good lyrics ! Listen to the promomix and two samples in audio/video section.

Otwieram wino
Skit 1
Radio Warszawa
Inny Wymiar
Skit 2
Skit 3
7 Grzechów Popkultury
Wkładam łyżkę w szklankę

title: www.tekila.pl
released: 03.05.2004

1. www.tekila.pl
2. Ragga-Rap

title: Otwieram wino (I Open a Bottle of Wine)
released: 13 July,2004

1. Otwieram wino (I Open a Bottle of Wine) feat. Pezet
2. Otwieram wino (I Open a Bottle of Wine) (remix)
3. Przemijamy (We Pass) feat. Pablopavo, Reggaenerator
+ video clip www.tekila.pl

title: Chomiczowka
released: 29 November, 2004

1. Chomiczówka
2. Wkładam Łyżkę w Szklankę (I Put a Spoon into the Glass)
- independent online remixes:
3. Butelki (The Bottles) - Bolec 1 rmx
4. Butelki (The Bottles) - Mishass rmx
5. Butelki (The Bottles) - Rehtone easy rmx
6. Butelki (The Bottles) - Afryka Colectiv rmx
7. Butelki (The Bottles) - Bolec 2 rmx
8. Butelki (The Bottles) - Mi mi rmx
9. Butelki (The Bottles) - Rehtona rmx
+ video clip Sidney Polak feat. Pezet "Otwieram Wino" (I Open a Bottle of Wine)

title: Chorwat (Croatian)
released: 6 June, 2005

1. Chorwat (Croatian)

title: Stop Global Experiment
released: 8 August, 2005

1. Stop Global Experiment
2. Reni Jusis and Sidney Polak are talking about the Detox campaign
3. Reni Jusis and Sidney Polak are talking about the Detox campaign
4. Reni Jusis and Sidney Polak are talking about the Detox campaign
+ video clip "Stop Global Experiment"

title: Przemijamy (We Pass)
released: 24 November, 2005

1. Przemijamy (We Pass)

group production    


title: T.Live
released: 8 November, 2003

A double concert album plus three new songs: "Polish Boyfriend" - a promotional single, "Pozytyw" - something extra that adds some variety and ''Europolska'' (EuroPoland),the song written by Muniek as part of his great concern for the future of Poland before the European Referendum - :) The album includes a recording of the concert which was held in Stodoła to celebrate the band's 20th birthday. This part of the album (100% of one record and 70% of the other) was produced by Sidney (of course, Kajetan Aroń was in charge of sound, and Muniek supervised everything). As a matter of fact, it is the best concert of the band ever recorded. In reality, the concert was longer and not everything was included in the album; the intervals between the songs were shortened and the running order was a little different . However, the band was at their best and Sidney devoted loads of time to make this album. The efforts and commitment of the band proved worthwhile. They were all on top of their abilities and everyone radiated one's joy and energy.We could only wish a DVD had been made on that occasion. As far as the other part of the album is concerned, the one which was realized in the studio, including Tarchostudio under the supervision of Majcher and Adam Toczko who was in charge of sound, the opinions are different. Those who are critical about "Polish Boyfriend" say that the song can't be successful because it sounds like old-fashioned pastiche, similar in style to "Chłopaki nie płaczą"(''Boys Don't Cry'').Others say it is a brilliant, daring and perverse attempt to show and ridicule the foolishness of some Polish villagers' approach towards the Poles' commercial activity at the beginning of the 21st century. In Sidney's view, ''half a loaf is better than no bread''. In other words, it was the only song that the lyrics could be written to, and the only one that had a chance to become a successful single . However,the composition didn't prove catchy enough to be played by the biggest radio channels and it failed to become the so called "hit". On the one hand, the clip of Ania Maliszewska makes us laugh, but on the other hand it simplifies the song making just a joke of it ."Pozytyw" was supposed to be the typical T.Love and it turned out to be even too typical. As for "Europolska" (however a good composition), it seems to be too literal and therefore a little disgusting.It disgusting's not as universal in its message (even politically) as a popular song "Jest super". "Europolska" is just sad and depressing. But generally, the album is ok :)


title: Superprodukcja (Super Production)
released: 22 February, 2003

This album is the soundtrack for Juliusz Machulski's film ''Superprodukcja''(''Super Production''). "Machul", encouraged by enormous popularity of the song "Kiler", performed by Elektryczne Gitary (Electric Guitars), which became a hit, hoped to repeat that success with the help of T.Love. The offer was very interesting for the band as never before had they created songs for the feature film. However, the script wasn't brilliant. As a matter of fact, we hadn't expected anything special from the very beginning but it was the fame and reputation of the film director that finally won. The songs "Luźny Yanek" and "Bang, bang, bang" were specially written to match the script that revolves around the film critic who is forced by mafia to become a script writer himself and write a script with blockbuster potential. The message of this comedy seems hardly comprehensible. Perhaps there is some implication that it is not easy to write something really good and this is why the Polish Cinema does not deserve so much criticism. The story itself was rather miserable and the jokes performed by the Polish actors including Rewiński were too literal and hardly amusing . The film didn't gain popularity, the song "Luźny Yanek" wasn't noticed by radio channels and, as a result, the album didn't sell well in spite of Pomaton's great efforts to make it ''more attractive'' by including two Sidney's songs and all old T.Love's hits such as "Chłopaki nie płaczą" (''Boys Don't Cry''), "Jest super"(''It's Super'') which appeared in the film.Despite numerous attempts to make it better, the album is rather weak, mostly due to very poor illustrative music ,performed by Maciej Staniecki and embarrassing dialogues including numerous ''fucks'', widely known from Bogusław Linda's manner :). Joanna Rechnio made a video clip for the song "Luźny Yanek", yet another promotional tool for marketting the movie; the film footage interwoven with shots of the band performing their composition. To make a long story short, "Machul" wasn't at his best and he didn't repeat the success of such films as "Vabank", "Seksmisja" or "Kingsize". The film is weak, the album a little better but not too much.


title: Ur
released: 3 December, 2001

There is something odd and unapprochable about this album. Michał "Kwiatek" Kwiatkowski, the bass guitarist of the band Kazik Na Żywo and Kobranocka invited Sidney and Nazim, the representatives of T.Love, to perform live their own material. They were supported by Adam Burzyński, the guitarist of the band Kazik Na Żywo, highly respected and admired for his technique and characteristic metal sound. The whole album was produced in home studio conditions . As a matter of fact, Kwiatek recorded the album in commercial production studios rather than in a music recording studio. Sidney doesn't like the realization of the song at all but he is very pleased with some lyrics and compositions. To make matters worse, as that self-production was unofficial, the album had no chance for promotion and the clip that Kwiatek had made for the first single, was played only twice at the most and after 2:00 a.m. In conclusion, it was Kwiatek's own fairy tale, the gloomy world filled with meditations on biblical themes and vocal tunes a`la Kazik (the subtle charm of semitones ), rock section plus metal guitars.The final effect is really interesting but, unfortunately, it sounds too gloomy and depressing for Sidney.
Two MP3s from this album are available in the audio/video section.


title: Model 01
released: 5 November, 2001

The co-operation with Neil Simmons still continues, but this time it is in entirely different conditions. In the meantime, the band came into the possession of their own rehearsal room which slowly changed into a small studio. What was at its very beginning in the case of "Antyidol" (''Anti Idol''), reached its maximum height in the case of "Model 01". The songs were no longer created during rehearsals; each musician composed at home on his own computer . Then Muniek listened to the new ideas and selected those that he liked best .Hardly anybody knows that the composition "Ajrisz" was included in the album only because it was highly appreciated by the composer (Sidney) and Muniek. The other members of the band were very sceptical about this song . The new methods and techniques had great influence upon the sounds inside the album . As a matter of fact, one can hardly say it is fully T.Love's album. Actually, there are four companies: Staszczyk-Perkowski, Staszczyk-Nazimek, Staszczyk-Majchrzak and Staszczyk-Polak. And unfortunately, that is audible. However, the album is not bad. Those who have listened to some older records could be surprised to hear Muniek, singing in a very delicate voice. Here, everything sounds ideal and each music note is precisely included. The lyrics often refer to the passing of life and Muniek seems to show that both his body and mind are involved in this process . And there is nothing wrong with his approach. It just comes natural. It took a lot of time to make the album in Tarchomin studio . Neil, who came to Poland and saw the dilapidated building, was a bit surprised and he began squinting his eyes when he heard everybody calling it a studio. First he stayed in Magilla and then he moved to Sidney's house. That was a nice time in Sidney's memory. He still remembers Neil asking him to stop the car near the post with a stork's nest on the top. (There are no storks in England). Neil stared at the bird for 5 minutes and he was impressed by its enormous size :). During his five-week stay, Neil got to know a lot about our country and he openly said what irritated him and what he liked here. Another time he was shocked was when the work on the album was in progress and, all of a sudden, there was a threat that the studio could be flooded. It was when the Vistula overflowed.Fortunately, Warsaw survived.


title: Antyidol
released: 20 November, 1999

It doesn't matter whether this album is good or not. Sidney will never forget his experiences connected with its recording. The rehearsals took place in a tiny, 20-square metre garage at Wiertnicza Street in Wilanów, Warsaw. There was hardly any room for people and equipment.The album was supposed to be a non commercial counterpart of ''Chłopaki nie płaczą'' (''Boys Don't Cry'') which sold very well. Generally, it wasn't easy to complete the repertoire. In those days, instead of playing the guitars, most members of the band were fascinated with technological possibilities of their own computers. They worked out a lot of ideas only to give them up later . Now, it's hard to say whether they were right or not. But what was the real buzz behind the whole undertaking was the fact that the album was recorded in London. When all songs had been completed, they put the whole equipment into the hired trailer which they hitched to the back of peugot 406, Sidney's latest asset, and they left for London in a 5-person group. They set off at midnight and crowded in one car, they covered the distance to Amsterdam without a stop because they wanted to relax in a few coffee shops.That craze was really exhausting but none of them is likely to forget it. No sooner had they left Warsaw than Muniek's leg got all numb because there was not enough room for it. In London they were greeted by a crafty guy from Poland who was supposed to find them a ''fine'' house. Unfortunately, in reality, the house proved a bit dilapidated. As there was no time for any further changes, the tedious task of drum sticking, with the precision unknown in Poland, began the day after.Two days later, Sidney's hands were covered with blisters and then they started bleeding. That journey made Sidney revise his way of thinking. ''Everything can float but bass and drums have to sit firmly'', said Neil Simmons, the producer of the album when he saw Sidney being depressed. Unluckily, the English precision didn't prove to go together well with the Polish budget. Furthermore, there was too little time to realize all plans and intentions. The album sounds quite good but not brilliant. The content, however, is a little odd. But let the audience judge.


title: Chłopaki nie płaczą (Boys Don't Cry)
released: 3 November, 1997

The greatest commercial success of the band T.Love. It was mostly due to the title song and thanks to the brilliant video clip directed by Łukasz Zadrzyński that the album gained enormous popularity. In those days, it used to be played even before the evening edition of TV News. The entire album sounds really enjoyable because of some good cpmpositions it includes as well as some interesting solutions that Lech Kamiński managed to introduce.
The album was recorded in Winek Chróst's studio in Sulejówek and mixed in studio S-4 at Woronicza Street. Such songs as "Ona i ona" (''She and She''), "Kumplowi"(''To My Buddy'') or "Bajer"(''Gimmick'') sound like jaw-dropping Western European productions. In Sidney's opinion, there are also some obvious setbacks including "Na rogu" (''On the Corner'') and "Kup mnie"(''Purchase Me Now''). It's easy to notice a growing facination with glam rock. The songs "Chłopaki"(''Boys Don't Cry''), "Sobota"(''Saturday''), "Bajer"(''Gimmick'') or "Popularny"(''Popular'') make us think of such bands as T.Rex or Slade. The use of numerous lyrics is purely decorative and only a few, including ''Jest super'' (''It's Super'') and ''Komercja'' (''Commerce'') contain really strong messages. Some of the songs such as "Chłopaki nie płaczą"(''Boys Don't Cry''), "Jest super"(It's Super'') and "Stokrotka"(''A Daisy'') were, for good , included in the concert repertoire. The album sounds colourful but, unluckily, it isn't as successful as Al Capone.
Generally, full ease of manner, fascination with drugs and cosiderably big "artistic freedom". The first album including three songs composed by Sidney.


title: Al Capone
released: 13 May,1996

A natural continuation of Prymityw (''Primitive'') and the freedom of artistic creation, which had been felt and expressed by the band in their previous album. Loads of experiments and a wide variety of sounds. Neither the preceding T.Love's albums nor those that followed , are as colorful as Al Capone .Witty and uncompromising lyrics (No pasaran, 19 November,1995). Al. Capone was recorded in the S4 studio at Woronicza Street by Leszek Kamiński. This album sounds surprisingly good despite the fact that it was recorded in a typically Polish manner; as quickly as possible. The drums were placed in the room which was situated several metres away from the main studio. So the whole band played together apart from drums and bass. The musicians communicated by means of intercom and Kajetan Aroń's job during the recording of the song ''She loves dostojewski'' was to stand close to Sidney and accasionally deaden the sound by means of a plate.It is also worth noting that Kora Jackowska visited the studio to recite part of the poem by Lorca, entitled ''The Rose'' in the song "Klaps". The album also includes the song entitled "Peter Gray" which was specially written for the band's friend, an Englishman who worked as a technician during one of the concert tours in Poland. Regrettably,he soon passed away and the song was played on the boombox during his funeral.Those days were filled with the fascination with Quentin Tarantino's films, the Americanization of Polish streets and considerable consumption of beer and other alcoholic beverages. Sebastian Imbierowicz, today known as DJ.600 V was very active in the song ''Olej''(''Oil''). From that recording session, Sidney still remembers the sexy violonists who recorded their parts without being aware that they were being closely watched by Sidney and Muniek from the studio nearby:). Behind some lyrics, there are true stories, taken from the lives of the particular band members ("pękniętego miał":)(''his was flawed''). Sidney finds that album very successful.


title: Prymityw (Primitive)
released: 7 November, 1994

The first album recorded with Maciek Majchrzak, the guitarist from Incrowd, Sidney's buddy who joined the band after Janek Benedek had left it. The new times filled with new energy.Sidney had already had the guitar and it was then that he created the song "To nie jest miłość" (''This Is Not Love'').The rehearsals that took place in Riviera, were often followed by wild city cruises in which the whole group participated. Lots of humour in the lyrics plus the simple sounds of punk guitars. Most fans highly appreciate this album for the energy of simple rhythms , making fun of maffia ("Chłopcy")(''The Boys''),of themselves ("T.Love, T.Love", "Zygmunt Staszczyk"), or the sounds of a football pitch ("Mecz")(''The Match). Undoubtedly, it was the best time to release this album because the band felt some freedom of artistic creation after ''benedek's authoritarianism''. However, not everybody understood what the''primitive'' was really about .Tomek Kopeć, "a top dog" in the promotion branch of phonographic business, came up with the idea to dress up the band for the clip and shooting session as cavemen sitting around the fire, in the manner known from the film ''Quest for Fire'':). The tambura part in the last song in the album was recorded by Marek Sawicki, Sidney's Chemistry teacher from his Comprehensive School, a Buddhist who played Indian instruments. Meanwhile, the Izabelin Studio was replaced with Winicjusz Chróst's "Sulejówek" Studio which had some influence upon the sound quality of the album. This is where Lechu Kamiński managed to obtain quite nice dirty sound. The song "Gloria" was recorded without adding the backing tracks. Numerous plans and solutions were invented during the bash parties , including ''Would you sign a folks list?'', "nothing to lose" '', "budapest keleti" as well as the concept of the lyrics for "this is not love" etc.
The album is quite enjoyable.


title: I love You
released: April, 1994

The second concert album in T.Love's career and the last one recorded together with Janek Benedek who soon left the band. A compilation of three concerts; in Wołomin, Remont in Warsaw, and Olsztyn. The intention was to immortalize the Stones-like sounds of the band which was soon going to become part of history . And it did become history because Maciek Majchrzak and T.Love began to sound more punk-like. Although the album is highly appreciated by fans, it is not Sidney's favourite.The atmosphere of the conflict within the group was reflected during the concerts. The equipment that was used to record that concert as well as Grzesiek Piwkowski's mix were far from perfection. On the other hand, the record proved successful thanks to such compositions as "I Love You" and "Syn miasta" (''The Son of the City'') (Mano Negra's cover with Muniek's lyrics).
"I Love You" is one of the greatest achievement in T.Love's career. Brilliant lyrics plus "White reggae" with no references to Stones, and a sincere anti-establishmental message. It is only a pity that Muniek grew out of it later. "The Son of the City", a beautiful song that sounds as though it was specially created by Manu Chao and Mano Negra for Muniek , is also impressive. The band included those two compositions in the concert repertoire and the audiences must have fallen in love with them. The concert itself is rather rough.Some compositions, including "Bęben mój"(''My Drum'') are brilliant but others, including "Warszawa" (''Warsaw''), are rather odd .The truth about the times, the truth about the screen... or a loudspeaker. This is how the band did sound in those days.


title: Deadman syndrome
released: April, 1994

The ''white raven'' in Polish phonography.The album which is still being looked for by people who remember the band performing years ago! "Deadman syndrome" is the only Incrowd's album. The band was founded by Maciek Majchrzak (at present, the guitarist from T.Love), Sidney Polak (drums), Adam Nowakowski (the vocalist, now employed by a well-known advertising agency, and Szuster (the bass guitarist, now an English-Polish interpreter specializing in translations in the Philosophy field. Unique documentation of those days and the great fascination with such bands as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Living Colour, Bad Brains, 24-7 Spyz, Faith No More or King's X. The rough tones, deprived of any backing track; one guitar, bass, drums and voice.The lack of keyboard and the second guitar was deliberately aimed at producing such characteristic tone. All lyrics were performed in English. Unfortunately,it was Wojtek Przybylski who was in charge of sound , but instead of concentrating on the tone quality he kept reading Auto Traders,Used Cars for Sale because he was going to buy a car. It is always like this when the band for whom the album means''to be or not to be'' is working in association with an old hand who does not try to make a commitment. In retrospect, it is not far from the truth to say that there is a little bullshit in the recording which is due to inexperience and the mix is simply coarse. Despite its drawbacks, Sidney feels great affection for this album because it helps him recall his carefree days from his youth. The rehearsals were held behind the screen of the Riviera cinema at Waryńskiego Street, usually late at night after the late night show. In order to come back home in Żoliborz, it was necessary to go across the whole city by a night bus, as far as Wilson Square.And everything started in the year 1992 in the Department of Sociology at Karowa Street when Majcher, a teenage student of Journalism came up to Polak before one of the lectures and described his vision of a band that was bound to achieve the worldwide popularity and become international success. They began to play rehearsals and soon the composition of the band became known. Their first concert was held on 20 December, 1992 in Filtry, the club in Warsaw. The last concert took place in Dekadent on 11 November, 1995. The band had a busy social life. It was quite common for Majcher to come to the centre from Ursynów only to drink some coke with Polak who would come to have a talk with him from Żoliborz). They were able to arrange the meeting point while running from Forum to the former Underground club near Victoria or Giovanni at Krakowskie Przedmieście.The oldschool days and the oldschool music.
As the album is no longer available, all the songs were included in the audio/video section in MP3 format.


title: King
released: December, 1992

This album contains various songs; from the title composition ''King'' which soon became the T.Love's anthem to the song "Never come back" performed by Janek Benedek, which was included in the album for unknown reasons.( The only explanation is that the Stones used to do the same:), brilliant lyrics such as "King", "Dzikość serca"(''Wild at Heart''), "Motorniczy"(''Tram Driver'') or "Pani z dołu" (''The Lady from Downstairs'') are in a neighbourhood with quite flimsy ones such as "Kiełbasy Harmanna"(''Harmann's Sausages'') or "Stany"(''The States'').The album tone quality was, undoubtedly, affected by Leszek Kamiński who skilfully recorded the band, that had already been playing quite well and Perkoz, a new guitar player, the latest asset of the De Mono. The album was recorded in Izabelin and the rehearsals were held in Riviera at Waryńskiego Street. Sidney remembers borrowing Sonor drums from ''Freshman'',a drummer from Wilki (we are very grateful to him) because it was hardly possible to make a recording oot of their own equipment. It was this album that finally enabled Sidney to buy a professional instrument.The whole material was purchased by a man called "Baron" ,a piracy music market tycoon who arrived in Warsaw with a suitcase filled with money:) This is why it is hard to say how many copies of this album were really sold. While at work on this material, there were a few arguments on the subject of the authorship of some compositions. Perkoz, who invented the bridge for "King" wanted to be included as a co-composer and Sidney and Nazim claimed for "Motorniczy"(''Tram Driver'') and "He was born to be a taxi driver", which came into being during their cooperative jams. It was Janek Benedek's authoritarian approach to almost everything that led to the conflict within the band. As a result, Janek left the band as soon as the album "I love you" had been completed. All in all, the album is very nice; in Muniek's words "the example of Staszczyk-Benedek co-operation at its height".


title: Pocisk Miłości (Love Bullet)
released: 1991

The first T.Love's album recorded in association with Sidney.A total change of the band's sound and breakaway from the purely enertaining approach which used to be quite common for the former band's composition. The total love and adoration for The Rolling Stones, represented by Janek Benedek, badly affected all songs and arrangements. Half of the album contains English lyriscs.The whole album sounds rather ''plastic''. All drums were programmed by the computer, only the cymbals were recorded live. The album was recorded in Andrzej Puczyński's old studio in Izabelin. Robert Brylewski, the realizer was on his feet then, and in Janek Benedek's words, he was the only man who shared his opinion on the most important matters concerning a guitar recording as well as the sound quality of the album. The best song included in this album, "Warszawa" (''Warsaw'') came first in Marek Niedźwiecki's chart, broadcast by the Polish Radio Program 3 , which marked the beginning of the successful period of the band's career since the change of the group's composition.The album also contains a few songs including ''Sarah'' and ''Acid Mover'' which are complete failures. Furthermore, they do not go together well with the other compositions and it's hard to say why there were included in the album. The only explanation is that it had to contain 10 pieces. Most guitar tracks were recorded by Janek because he wasn't pleased with Krzysiek Szymański's performance (he made only the solo part in Love Bullet). Przemek "Hippie" Wójcik managed to make a recording of his bass for half of the songs, the others were recorded by Janek. A unique trumpet solo performed by Przybielski in Warsaw.It is worth noting that it is the only new T.Love's analogue record, made by Arston company.

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