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We don't plan to give any concerts in the near future.

Wpisz szukane słowo lub wyrażenie.

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23 December, 2011 23:48

Marry XMas !!

Sidney Polak Band

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And what will you say about it?

23 September, 2011 12:46

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12 August, 2011 20:04


The open-air concerts are slowly coming to an end...and we have great pleasure in inviting You to the three that are still left; in Polkowice, Warsaw and Milicz ! We have already started preparations for the autumn tour... this time, the option of Pezet/Sidney Polak :) but please wait for more details...

Dear Fans!

Pezet's single entitled "Co mam powiedzieć"(''What Am I To Say'') that I produced, has found itself in the waiting room of PR3. I'm afraid we won't be able to get into the chart without Your support!
Please cast your votes!! Many thanks in advance for Your help:))) Because we know we can always count on You:)

cast your vote on PR3 :)

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18 May, 2011 20:54

Dear Fans,

The summer concerts to start in a minute!
You are invited to join us during the student carnivals as well as the City Days.You won't want to miss this fun so come in crowds!

Sidney's team !!!

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18 May, 2011 20:53

Hi ! We are really happy that although Sidney's first album has become almost classical, the tracks included in our website are still inspiring independent artists. Listen to the re-mix of ''I Open a Bottle of Wine'', performed by Jamick. How do you like it?:)

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